A Copenhagen Fortnight: A Photo Diary

A visual diary of two weeks spent in the heart of Denmark, seen through the lens. | Nothing Short Of Chic
A taste, in photographs, of my two weeks in the beautiful Scandinavian city.

Traveling is truly a passion of mine and I'm so grateful for every opportunity I get to visit new places and immerse myself in a different culture. I recently got to stay for two weeks in Copenhagen (I've been there before but not for such a long time) and it was really incredible. We stayed in an Airbnb and got tips from our many friends living there and all in all, it really felt like an immersion into the culture of the city. (In short, I didn't feel like a tourist, which is what I want when I travel – it probably helps that I've spent so much time in Viborg, so there was no culture clash.) Between the museums, the parks, and just walking around, I got a pretty good sense of the city and naturally, with my love of photography, I had to bring my camera along with. I have many more photos, but this is just a selection of the best to give you a sense of my experience in the Danish capital.


Photo Diary: Snippets From YVR

Snippets from my extra time waiting in YVR airport, home to exotic fish and plenty of perfume samples. | Nothing Short Of Chic
My hometown airport has so many hidden – and not-so-hidden – attractions.

Travel has become something of a frequent occurrence in my life, but that doesn't make it any less exciting (or more mundane). I get so energized every time a trip draws near. Even the typically annoying parts of travel – airport security, customs, weird seatmates – hold a certain thrill for me. One of my favorite things when traveling by airplane is to plan a longer layover and explore the airport (and, if possible, the city). This time around, all the airports (YVR Vancouver, Schiphol Amsterdam, and BLL Billund) are ones I'm pretty familiar with, so I was just having fun visiting old favorites. Here are just a handful photographs from my few hours on home turf at YVR (and don't forget to check out my travel outfit from this airport as well!).


Niki's Airplane Survival Kit: What You Need In Your Carryon

Niki's Airplane Survival Kit: what to pack in your carryon | NSOC En Route
Essentials for staying calm, cool, and collected sky-high.

Hello everybody! It's been a while since my last post (excluding the day-in-the-life roadtrip I posted a few weeks ago) so I wanted to give you something super helpful: all my essentials for feeling great in-flight, whether your trip is one hour or twenty-one. Of course, depending on the length of your trip, you may or may not need all of these; however, no matter its flight time, I'm sure you'll find this helpful, whether you're planning a Thanksgiving reunion, a Fall Break hiatus, or a holiday getaway.


Day In The Life: Road Trip To Seattle

Day In The Life: Road Trip To Seattle on #NSOCEnRoute
A day in the life from the Sunshine Coast to Seattle.

October is here, and so is the return of my travels. Since returning to my home of the Sunshine Coast, BC, last July - after a fun but exhausting three months of European touring - I've basically stayed put, apart from a miniature hiatus in nearby Vancouver. But last Thursday, I went on a little road trip down to Seattle, WA (where I'm currently writing from) and decided to monitor my schedule so I could compile this little day-in-the-life post (cue the Beatles tune). Since I'll be leaving again for Viborg, Denmark, at the end of this month, I thought this little trip would be the perfect way to ease back into travel blogging.


The End Of A Chapter: Highlights Of My European Journey

Summarizing a trip that left me speechless.

Hello all, and welcome to the wrapping up of my collection of posts about that crazy four-week span of travel you've been reading all about. I visited Ireland, London, Germany, Copenhagen, and Paris in that time, and I did a lot of posting about it; here's a roundup:
Remember the award-type post I did for my Italy trip, where I created a bunch of categories and then chose a Best Photo for each category? I'm going to do something similar for this post, except there are less categories and, obviously, more places. The places are in chronological order, starting from the day I left Viborg, and under each place I'll put my favorite photo from the place, followed by the top photo for each category, taken from the time I was there. This is really complicated to explain in words, so scroll down to see this in action!

Categories: favorite landmark, favorite moment, favorite food, favorite outfit picture, and favorite nature/sunset photo.


Highlights Of My Parisian Sojourn

The City of Lights lit my life for a few days. Here are my favorite photos from the trip.

 I can say without hesitation that the few days I spent in Paris were my favorite of the trip. Besides Paris being a sort of dream for me, as well as somewhere I see myself living for a while in the future, the weather was phenomenal, I was able to put my work on hold, and I got to see most of the world-famous things I've fantasized about visiting. We were in Paris for about four days, and the first two were really a tour of everything you 'must see' in Paris, and the last two were family days where it was much more relaxed and unplanned. Of course, being a millennial (and subsequently a documenter of everything), my camera came with me everywhere and regularly was down to five percent battery by the time we returned to our hotel room at the end of the night (usually between eleven pm and somewhere around one-oh-two), and therefore I have many, many, many photos. I've selected the very best of these for this post, highlighting my favorite sights, moments, and memories. Also, if you haven't read them yet, make sure you take a look at my Eiffel Tower post and my outfit post shot in front of a gorgeous, colorful wall in Clichy.


True Love At The Tour (Eiffel)

Mais oui, ma chérie, it's the most stunning thing I've ever seen.

My dream is to live in Paris some day, temporarily. I love it. And after visiting again, I fell for it even harder - the sweet little shops, the plethora of flowers, the greenery, the old architecture with its metal grate work, the river, the sunsets, the weather. But best of all, naturally, was the Eiffel Tower - the intricacies of the structure are really breathtaking, especially up close, even today after all the advances in engineering that we've made in the 100+ years since the Tour was built.